base is an open, free, democratized blockchain protocol with simplicity and security in mind.
The future awaits

Welcome to the basechain ecosystem.

A secure wallet for every platform.

Faster transaction processing.
A web-based GPU miner.

The base Nano wallet app lets you transact base tokens securely on all popular platforms.
base democratises mining with a browser-based GPU miner that works best on most PCs and macs.

base NanoWallet

A secure base wallet for your phone and desktop.
coming soon
Introducing Nano, the miner in your browser.
Nano runs in your browser with zero setup.
One-click mining means you're part of the network.
Coming soon.

base Roadmap

Nano Launch

Introducing Nano, a one-click GPU miner and NanoWallet for all platforms.
Mine crypto-tokens with one click in your web browser, using your GPU and WebGL.